Compute Solutions



Leverage your infrastructure online with northoTech cloud compute solutions.

northoTech relieve businesses from the trouble of making and maintaining cloud applications by providing Low-cost, efficient and scalable cloud compute solutions that align together with your business.

Cloud computing is a blessing for each organization, regardless of if it is a corporate, health industry, financial organization or other industries. it is one among the foremost recent resource-efficient discovery of recent IT as software and hardware resources are often availed on-demand, thereby allowing users to save lots of on cost, maximize flexibility and scalability. Content delivery and recovery is also efficiently done, thus saving time and energy, which data centres are striving to realize as a sustainability goal.

northoTech offers fully dedicated cloud compute solutions that features server power, storage of files, databases, networking, software, analytics and therefore the whole range of what a standalone powerful computer may offer. From hosting websites & blogs, to creating new apps & services one can perform lot of activities with the help of cloud computing.

Our cloud computing solutions eliminate unnecessary hardware, release space on your systems, improve mobility and save money.

As one of the prominent players within the field of Cloud computing, we offer a variety of public and private cloud services including the consultation, identification and assessment of your business requirements and design, implementation, monitoring and management of the solutions.


Advantage of our cloud compute solutions are:-


  • Improved software and hardware performance.
  • Increased uptime and availability.
  • Enjoy exceptional flexibility, security, & compliance.
  • Hassle free & effortless migration to Cloud.
  • Better collaboration with real-time sharing
  • Receive highest quality services, at competitive price.
  • Access massively scalable storage to drive business growth.
  • Move traditional apps to Cloud.
  • Deliver on-demand infrastructure services.
  • Accelerate time to promote for brand spanking new apps & services.