Keep your information assets safe by fixing cloud monitoring and alerting services.

Companies embrace the cloud for scale and agility, yet getting a transparent view of performance in cloud environments are often challenging. so as to intelligently manage the complex, ever-changing infrastructure of the cloud, you would like a monitoring solution that has the tools to be as dynamic as your cloud.

northoTech Cloud professionals will assist you gain visibility of your cloud infrastructure, provide virtualized monitoring of your cloud performance and current spend utilizing for cloud entities like regions, instances and by contrasting monthly bills of your cloud provider network.

Our monitoring and alerting service gives perceivability into the performance, uptime and by and large health of your cloud instance by aggregation metrics, events, and metadata that produces experiences into your client.

Creating personalized alert gives timely awareness to problems in your cloud applications so you’ll be able to resolve the issues quickly.

To create an alerting policy, our team assist you in describing the circumstances beneath that you would like to be alerted and therefore the approach you’d prefer to be notified.

By constantly monitoring your network for changes that may place you in peril, our engineers will offer you a comprehensive and up-to-date view of your cloud environment.


Our monitoring service include:

 Monitor performance & availability

Get notified of production issues

Automate recovery procedures

Auto-scale resources in real time