Disaster Recovery Every time, Everywhere with northoTech customized plan

Less than 10% of companies survive a disaster without a DR plan. Everyday huge bytes of information are formed and any potential loss thereto due to natural calamities, system downtimes, power outages is humungous and therefore the dollar impact of it is beyond comprehension.

However miniscule the downtime could be, it influences the revenue, business brand value, customer trust and lost opportunities to stay in front of the opposition. This demand a necessity for customized disaster recovery plan. a strong Disaster Recovery Plan is a necessity for all big and small businesses.

northoTech provides a simple to use and robust customized Disaster Recovery plan to uncountable businesses as every business is unique and has different requirements. So, the plan should be customized to suit each need.

Regardless of whether you don’t have in-house expert skills, do not worry. Our DR plan takes you thru in a very logical sequence. While creating a plan we work as a team, get the input of relevant departments while crafting each section.

Two crucial cogs within the Disaster Recovery Plan are Business Impact Analysis and Risk Analysis. Does your business have a plan to get over a DISASTER? If No, come fast and join us. Our customization disaster recovery plan helps you in preventing


o Loss of production centre

o Loss of critical data

o Loss of IT/Manufacturing functions

o Loss of skilled hands because of death/incapacitation or the other factor

o Power outage at production centre

o Adverse weather like tornado, hurricane etc

o Flooding and/or water damage

o Accidental loss of data due to an employee mistake and lots of more.