Make Your Data/Website/Application GDPR Compliant Today!

In times of accelerating digitalization and globalization, protecting personal data is becoming increasingly important. The introduction of legal requirements, like the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), also requires companies to focus more on the matter of data protection. Safeguard your data on a high level by VSN’s expert data protection consulting services.

Our experts support you with data protection-specific consulting within the design of your business models and IT structure, your company governance, or within the development and go-2-market of your software and apps.

We offer a data protection across data centres, cloud applications, and endpoints. Securely backup and recovery data with the size and ease of the general public cloud, and only buy what you utilize, reducing your overall TCO. Uphold data governance and concentrate more knowledge with search and investigation to open the total estimation of your information.

With northoTech you get the power and savings of a local cloud engineering permitting you to smooth out your cloud data protection and decrease regulatory overhead.

Benefit from our long years of experience and specialist knowledge on the themes of data protection and GDPR compliance. We are your perceived accomplice for the conviction of your digitization ventures in consistence with data protection guidelines.


Benefit to go with northoTech:

  • Your data is secure within the cloud
  • Reduce TCO by up to 50%
  • Save time with radical simplicity
  • Turn data into a business asset


Are you furthermore may curious about establishing reliable and efficient data protection throughout your company? Just make a Call to the northoTech and obtain the proper solution for your optimal data protection today!