ERP, CRM, and HRM are just a few of the critical systems that help businesses run more smoothly. Improve Enterprise’s functionality as well. ERP software is both cost-effective and productive.

northoTech Solutions can help you get started on your company transformation right now. northoTech Solutions creates high-quality, customised ERP solutions for your company. Our ERP products are both mobile-friendly and high-performing.

Center northoTech has established itself as a leading provider of ERP systems in India. You would engage your business with a unified ERP platform that combines all divisions, provides you with a 360-degree perspective, and gives you complete control by deploying our multi-capacity business apps. Explore our industry-specific, modular ERP systems to find the right system for your company.


ERP Software for Small Businesses

northoTech provides innovative ERP systems that are specifically tailored to the unique needs of small and medium businesses. Our ERP solutions are easier to create, setup, and implement, and they can be redone to a greater extent. Our cloud-based business applications remove you from the costly framework that on-premise ERP frameworks require.

For Special Needs, Industry-Specific ERP Solutions

Our industry-ready applications are designed to make running a business as simple as possible. These ERP software systems with a vertical focus are jam-packed with cutting-edge tools and clever features. This encourages firms to keep track of operational data on a regular basis, resulting in optimal efficiency.




  • Specific

ERP customization aids in the removal of undesirable or ineffective elements, as well as the reduction of misunderstanding among different departments.


  • Measurable

The following company operations are typically included in an ERP system: sales, customer service, and marketing. Other specific functions include HR Accounts Financing Inventory Distribution Procurement Production or Service Delivery.


  • Attainable

Customized ERP Software is more cost-effective in terms of budget and cost factor because it is designed based on a specific need and with a set budget.


  • Realistic

You don’t have to change company processes when you use customised ERP software, which means ERP software is deployed according to your needs, not the other way around.


  • Time-Saving

In terms of project timescales, customised ERP may take longer to get up and running, but it improves as the project progresses because the needs are well specified from the outset. All features are being used to their full potential, with practically all implemented functionalities being used.