Remote management of all backups


Remote management solutions are key to today’s working infrastructure. let us take the pressure off your internal support team by providing remote monitoring and management of your full backup.

Unforeseen events happen very frequently in our day-to-day lives. it is not surprising to know that all industries, no matter which field they are in, must also affect several unpredictable problems. Therefore, it is inevitable for them to possess a Disaster Recovery Solution to manage their data and backup remotely. Disaster recovery and remote management is a crucial subset of business continuity, which deals with the broader scope of ensuring adequate preparation to beat serious incidents and resume normal business operations as quickly as is affordable.

Our portfolio of consulting services is intended to assess, implement, exercise and maintain the maturity and class of your backup to manage remotely using Disaster recovery planning program. Whether your data sources reside on-premise, in remote or maybe within a public cloud platform, we are able to remotely manage and support your platform as an extension to your in-house operations.

Our disaster recovery and backup solution provide simpler and straightforward way to make automated backups on your entire server. we are able to easily recover and manage data and even non-operating computers. Your backup can be remotely recovered in minutes which minimizes downtime.

With northoTech Disaster Recovery solution we are ready to restore our client’s data and operations within short interval of time. Our remote backup and recovery services are sophisticated and versatile, but they’re still affordable for smaller businesses.

If you are also trying to find powerful, flexible and cost-effective remote management solution equipped with encryption backup tools and an interface designed to be employed by anyone in any size organization, make northoTech a primary choice.