northoTech offers Comprehensive Cloud storage solutions to Keep control over your data

Businesses around the world are facing regulations, that need them to handle confidential data in a very secure, compliant way. Their clients are demanding increasing levels of security also, but traditional ways of sharing files over email, or accessing documents via other network, all have security flaws.

Protecting your business is more than mounting surveillance cameras and locking your entryways – it reaches out to protecting your information, as well. To try to do this, many businesses utilize cloud backup and storage technology. To assist you discover an answer that’s right for your business, we spent weeks examining several dozen options. to form our greatest pick selections, we checked out, among other things, pricing, space for storing, scalability, usability, features and customer service.

We help our customer to access their data on the go, with no overhead for storage maintenance and no hardware maintenance costs. We also provide the thanks to keep confidential information safe and intellectual property secure.

Our Cloud storage solutions combine cost effective, scalable and resilient data storage with native public Cloud services to deliver the simplest of both worlds for Cloud. These solutions are ideal for deploying demanding, data-intensive applications on multiple public clouds.

northoTech is happy to deploy a cloud storage solution which inserts our Customer requirement whether it’s introducing a totally new technology or working together with your existing preferred technology stack. Our Cloud engineers are expert in providing right blend of solution altogether quite environment.

northoTech helps our clients in achieving:

  • Storage Automation
  • Data Security
  • Usability and accessibility
  • Disaster recovery
  • Synchronization
  • Cost savings
  • Easy Data Sharing